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Lecturing Women in Victorian Periodicals Database (LWVP)

Focusing on "Lecturing Women", the database examines the increasing visibility and vocality of women within the late-Victorian and Edwardian mediascape in Britain (1860-1910) by investigating the cross-traffic between metropolitan lecture institutions and the medium of popular and feminist periodicals. It collects fictional and non-fictional representations of women as lecturers and women as 'the lectured', i.e. audience members, at these sites of popular recreation and education. With a total of 2250 entries, the database analyses 14 periodicals for the period 1860-1910.
Assessment is based on a complex grid of metadata (5 main categories: genre, content, context, form of participation, textualisation of lecture, and 76 further sub-categories), together with precise bibliographical information for each item; periodicals were accessed online via ProQuest's British Periodicals Collections I & II, ProQuest's Gerritsen Collection, Gale Cengage's 19th Century UK Periodicals, and Gale Cengage's Illustrated London News Historical Archive.
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